monday is for drinking to the seldom seen kid.

Keep Yourself Warm - Frightened Rabbit

the flashing white light’s been turned off,
you don’t know who’s in your bed.


Closer - Thief

I’m too tired of watching you fuck me over,
I can’t be what you want me to, just look closer.


Hang Me, Oh Hang Me - Oscar Isaac

all around Cape Girardeau, parts of Arkansas,
got so goddamn hungry I could hide behind a straw.


You’re Not Good Enough - Blood Orange

I never was in love,
you know that you were never good enough.


Arms of a Thief - Iron & Wine

and dabbing at the arrow in her heel, she said,
leave me alone but just don’t leave me here.


Daydream - Ava Luna

was it all a daydream?


When We’re Fire - Lo-Fang

I can take you through the darkness,

I can help you let it go.


Different Days - Jason Isbell

Jesus loves a sinner,

but the highway loves a sin.


Too Weak To Ramble - Dr. Dog

I always told myself I’d make it out of here alive.


When We Were Happy - Rob Giles

I can’t tell you where we went wrong,
but I’m not angry anymore.


1973 - James Blunt

I would call you up everyday Saturday night,
and we’d both stay out until the morning light.


No Room For Doubt - Lianne La Havas

we all make mistakes, we do,
I learnt from you.


Digging Shelters - Neil Halstead

it’s all broke down,
eyes out on the road but no-one comes along.


Retrograde - James Blake

and your friends are gone,
and your friends won’t come.


Drive-In Movies - Ray LaMontagne

I wanna be the guy who breaks all the rules, 
but the cops let him off cause they think he’s cool.